Book 0, Sydney Roberts Series

When Sydney Roberts sets out for El Paso to retrieve her Grandma Rose and a box of memories, she has no idea she’ll be coming home with a whole lot more than that. A criminal record, for one, if she doesn’t watch out. A whole new take on her life in L.A., for another. And last—but not least—a dog.

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Book 1, Sydney Roberts Series

Living, loving, and working in Los Angeles, Sydney Roberts struggles against the confining security of sameness. Her solution? She breaks up with her boyfriend, packs her loyal hound and cranky cat into a hand-me-down motorhome, and sets her sights on New York City. Her journey quickly hits a snag, however, when she gets stuck in the strange town of Harmony — a place that proves to be far less than harmonious.

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Book 2, Sydney Roberts Series

Feet. That’s the reason Sydney Roberts is in so much trouble – specifically feet that belong to a teenager who spends most of his time on the other side of the law. Advised not to get too close, when things get desperate, Sydney has to admit she probably should have listened. Trapped in America’s most populated city, she has never felt so alone.

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Divining Bliss
Book 3, Sydney Roberts Series

Back in Harmony, Sydney has slipped out of her business pumps and into snowshoes and trouble—much of it centered on sinister Samuel Vaullie. How far will she go to stop him? Grab your copy and follow her footprints to find out!

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