The second book of the Sydney Roberts series

Caught in Traffic is author Susan Hart Snyder’s second excursion into Sydney Roberts’ journey of self-discovery, bringing back many of the characters who populated Finding Harmony. This time, Sydney is in over her head because of a pair of shoes.

To be fair, Sydney didn’t come to New York to be an expert on feet, but stare through a basement apartment’s transom window long enough, and you get good at judging people by their choice of footwear. It’s a way she passes the time while working from home as a copy editor.

One pair of feet worries Sydney—feet she suspects belong to a drug dealer. Turns out she’s right—and, he isn’t just into drugs—he’s part of a cartel involved in far more dangerous crimes. Sydney is advised by more than one person not to get too close. It could be deadly.

When things get desperate, Sydney has to admit she probably should have paid more attention to that advice. Even if she manages to get help, she knows that it may be too late. The cartel’s reach is long and its members are determined to silence any potential threat. How’s Sydney going to extract herself from this latest mess?

If you enjoy that delicious blend of suspense and adventure, heroines with moxie, and themes that make you both laugh and think, then you’ll love following Sydney on her escapade in the Big Apple.

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Susan Hart Snyder has come up with yet another winner in Caught in Traffic… I found it hard to put it down. The plot is amazingly well written… as a sequel it was pretty explosive. The story twisted and turned at a fast clip, but not so fast that I couldn’t keep up with it. Fantastic story and it was left nicely open for another. I think this is going to be a series that a reader would want to buy and keep because you can read them over and over again.”
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