Where it all began…

Determined to reclaim mementos of a childhood cut short by her mother’s terminal illness, Sydney Roberts sets out for El Paso, Texas—the last known whereabouts of the gold-digger who drained her father’s bank account and his spirit. It’s also the location of the nursing home where her grandmother has been living for the last several years. If it’s in her best interest, Sydney will reclaim her as well.

Accomplishing her mission puts Sydney on the other side of the law. It also puts her in mind to reevaluate her life.

Curious about what made Sydney Roberts turn her back on all things familiar and point her Uncle George’s motorhome east with the wind? Find out in this humorous and fast-paced novella – a story of love, justice, audacity – and, of course, a dog.

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“I absolutely loved this book. It was incredibly funny! The author really has a way with her words and painting a perfect scene for each chapter. This book is an absolute must-read”
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