The first book of the Sydney Roberts series

Living, loving, and working in Los Angeles, thirty-three- year-old Sydney Roberts is struggling against the confining security of sameness. The only solution she can settle on is change—of the life-altering variety—and so, setting her sights on New York City, she breaks up with her boyfriend, sells her belongings, and packs her drooling dog and cranky cat into a hand-me- down motorhome.

But just a few days into her cross-country jaunt, her beast of a vehicle breaks down and she’s forced to bide her time in the strange town of Harmony, Utah, while the local slow-as-molasses mechanic repairs it. But while Harmony may be small, Sydney quickly discovers it’s brimming with drama, much of which seems tied to the neighboring polygamists.

From a cold case involving two missing girls from the polygamist compound to an unexpected romantic encounter with a strikingly sexy rancher, Finding Harmony tells a truly unique tale of love, laughter, courage, and perseverance. Introducing a vivid cast of characters whose unforgettable stories weave together to create a plot that constantly surprises, you’ll feel like a Dusty’s Diner regular by the time you read the last page.

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“Readers who like romance mixed with mystery and a romp in the modern West will love this book.”
Naida West – Author of The California Gold Trilogy
“Finding Harmony is funny in places, moving in others, and is a thoroughly entertaining read.”
Kevin Chilvers – Author of Inca Poison


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