The Dogs of Finding Harmony

Mr. Bumbles 3Meet the real Mr. Bumbles. Yes, he is sitting up in the photo, a feat quite rare for a Bassett Hound. He taught himself how to do it because, at only a foot off the ground, it was a way for him to look out the window. He also would join us at his corner of the dinner table, sitting like that for five to ten minutes before he would drop back down and resume his favorite position, stretched out on a cold floor. Unlike normal dogs that “sit and stay” for treats, vibrating with excitement at the prospect, Mr. B., in true Bassett Hound fashion, sat calmly propped up on his tail, never asking for any reward, other than a little eye contact once in awhile, so that he knew that he was being included in the conversation. He was a true character, beloved by all who had the good fortune to know him.
He is missed.


This is a Bluetick Coonhound, the breed of dog owned by my character Calvin Wheatly.
See any family resemblance to Mr. Bumbles?