A Brief Note from the Middle Ages

mad_hatter_partyThere was no defining moment when I stepped through the looking glass into middle age. It was more like I suddenly woke up to find myself staring into the inscrutable face of the Cheshire cat while the Mad Hatter and March Hare leaped around me tossing porcelain teacups at each other. It didn’t help that I was trying to make sense of it through eyes that had long since passed the 20/20 mark.

Then the hamsters kicked into full gear and my brain started shooting rapid-fire questions at me: Do you really believe there is a God? When are you going to stop taking things so personally? Why can’t you get his name right? You gave birth to him for Christ sake. And what did you do with the damn keys? (My apologies. My middle-age brain seems to find great satisfaction in making use of appropriately place profanity.)

This wonderland where I now find myself turns out to be a wellspring of topics that my hamsters refuse to allow me to ignore. So as I journey through the challenging, the ridiculous, and the sublime, my wish is for a glimmer or two of clarification, the occasional moment of peace, and a few laughs. In any case, although the road may be rutted and worn, I am just darn thankful to be on one at all.

Those who look outside of themselves, Dream. Those who look inside themselves, Awaken. – Carl Jung